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Nidhi Surgicals Private Ltd. Medical Consumable

We offer a wide range of medical consumable for hospitals, medical clinics and research clinics. The entire range conforms to international as well as national quality and safety standards. We also offer products in customized specifications.

»Single Ball Incentive Spirometer- Breathex

  • Single-ball incentive Spirometer is a breathing / lung exerciser which is a flow-oriented
    device, provides an indirect indicator "ball" of the patient's inspired volume. It be used
    to help strengthen respiratory musculature and to help restore and maintain lung
    capacity by encouraging a slow, deep breathing.
  • Dual chamber design creates a constant resistance that lifts    a ball when patient maintains inspiration equal to the flow inhaled per second.
  • Specification: Flow rates can be adjusted as 200mL/sec, 400mL/sec, 600mL/sec, 800mL/sec, 1000ml/sec & 1200mL/sec from moving the top cap.
  • Material: AS for chamber, PE for ball and mouthpiece, and EVA for tubing.
  • It helps to develop, improve and maintain Respiratory fitness
  • Helps patient to maintain normal respiration pre & Post surgery

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Single Ball Incentive Spirometer- Breathex


KYOLING® MINI Portable Family NEBULIZER includes
  • Dependable compressor
  • Nebulizer chamber
  • Air Tube
  • Child & Adult masks
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • Air filter
  • Fuse
  • Detailed guidebook

KYOLING® MINI Portable family NEBULIZER delivers aerosol medication therapy effectively and efficiently with clinical accuracy. It’s easy to use with one-button operation and is ideal for all ages. The built-in handle makes the light-weight unit easy to carry from place to place. Non-slip pads on the bottom ensure the unit rest securely on any flat surface.

All accessories are dishwasher safe and latex free. Never immerse the compressor in water Compressor is not dishwasher safe.

KYOLING® MINI Portable Family NEBULIZER provide Aerosol Medication Therapy for the effective treatment of :
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Respiratory infections
  • Acute bronchitis
  • Pneumoconisis
  • Pulmonary infections
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Small airway disease
  • Tracheitis

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»Pulse Oximeter

Basic Functions and features
  • Two parameters:SPO2, Pulse Rate

  •  SpO2 Waveform

  • COLOR OLED display, manual four direction adjustable
  • SpO2 and pulse monitoring, and Waveform display 
  • Low-power consumption, continuously work for 20 hours
  • Small in size, light in weight, and convenient to carry
  •  Low voltage alarm display, Auto power-off
  •  Adjust the display interface direction automatically , according to the patient observation data needs
  •  Runs on standard AAA batteries
  •  Automatic power off when no signal in 8 s
  • A menu function can set up oxygen alarm limit, the upper and lower limits of PR, alarm switch, ·sound switch

Detailed descriptions of product functions:

  • SPO2:
  •  Measurement range: 70%-99%
  • Accuracy: ±2% on the stage of 70%-99%, unspecified(<70%) for SPO2
  • Resolution: ±1%
  •  Low perfusion: <0.4%

  • PR:
  • Measurement: range:30BPM-240BPM
  •  Accuracy: ±1BPM or ±1%(the larger one)
  • Power: two AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
  •  Power consumption: below 30mA
  •  Automatic power-off: the product shuts down automatically after no signal for 8 seconds
  •  Dimension: 62mm*32mm*33mm
  •  Operation environment
  •  Operation temperature: 5ºC-40ºC
  •  storage temperature: -10ºC-40ºC
  •  Ambient humidity: 15%-80% on operation
  • 10%-80% in storage
  •  Air pressure: 70kPa-106kPa
  •  Declaration: EMC of this product comply with IEC60601-1-2standard

Accessory: Lanyard, user manual and battery.
Package Info:
Unit Specification: G.W.: 0.1Kgs N.W.: 0.07Kgs, size: 83.0 x 77.0 x 50.0mm
Carton specification: G.W.: 11.0Kgs N.W.: 9.0Kgs, size: 420.0 x 390.0.0 x 280.0mm (100 pcs/CTN)

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Pulse Oximeter

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